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Anti-Diversion Policy

Anti-Diversion Policy


What is Diversion?
Diversion is when Salon Only Brand products are sold in "unauthorized" places. For example, when products like Paul Mitchell, Redken, Tigi, Matrix, and Sebastian that are sold exclusively in salons are sold instead by mass retailers like supermarkets, department stores and corner pharmacies.

When these products are in abundance on the shelves, and are the complete product line, they are most likely diverted stolen or counterfeited. When you buy professional brands directly from a licensed professional either in a salon or online you can rest assured that these products are not diverted and are authentic. Some online retailers may also be considered to be diverters especially those that have no direct Salon affiliation including eBay sellers.

Who is Diverting Professional Brands?
Unauthorized resellers purchase products from overstocked distributors that need to unload old inventory, they then sell these products to mass retailers. Sometimes salons or their employees, or other dishonest individuals posing as licensed professionals are solicited to sell their overstock or old products. These individuals are seeking profit from piracy.

How Diversion Hurts
Professional brands were developed to supplement and support your local beauty professional. Mass retailing of these products that may be counterfeit, diluted formulas or old expired product may not even be safe to use.

Are Diverted Products Safe to Use
Possibly not, these items may be contaminated and can cause irritation or even infection.

You may have no recourse if you didn't purchase from an authorized Salon or Spa, products sold through a licensed salon or beauty professional are fully guaranteed.

How Can You Help Stop Diversion
Don't purchase your favorite brands at the corner store! Only purchase professional products from licensed professionals that are authorized either online or at your local Salon. Support the beauty industry by learning about diversion and reporting diverters at the following websites:

Hairflix Anti-Diversion Policy
HairFlix only buys direct from the manufacturer and authorized distributors. HairFlix does not buy products from third party diverters or overstocked salons. HairFlix recommends and sells salon-only brands. We are authorized by both the manufacturer and distributor to retail authentic beauty products. HairFlix guarantees that our customers receive the freshest and latest luxury goods. HairFlix prides itself that every product that we sell is backed by a salon professional endorsement online and in the salon.

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