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Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze Finish 15.2 oz (Formerly  Freeze Fix)

Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze Finish 15.2 oz (Formerly Freeze Fix)


Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze. It’s hot! High performance. Long lasting. Total control. Style with sizzle that rewrites the law of gravity. A unique hairspray because of its ability to perform under adverse conditions of temperature and humidity. The 3-dimensional resin matrix ensures all of the hair strand is covered, allowing for long lasting style support.Set it with this super strong hold hairspray. High performance, long lasting style. Get your hair in the wanted position and defy the law of gravity. * Micro fine spray for even and effective distribution. * Brushes out easily. * Excellent curl retention properties. * Strong hold. Directions of Use: Used as a final product on dry hair. Spray in an orbiting action onto hair from a distance of 30 cm away from the head. For a soft textured finish, spray onto either a brush or comb first then distribute through the hair. For extreme texture, spray the hair while the head is upside down, simultaneously working the fingers through the hair. Style as preferred.

Updated: 11/27/11

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